Gill Rogers graduated in 2007 at Lincoln University and was awarded a B.A. (Hons) in Contemporary Design Craft with a specialism in glass.  During her time at University, Gill explored and experimented in kiln formed techniques that included fusing, slumping and casting glass.

Gill was first introduced to glass in 2001 when she enrolled onto a stained glass course.  She subsequently went on to continue her studies and develop techniques in kiln formed glass.  In 2004, Gill was nominated for a Medal of Excellence and in 2005 awarded the Governors Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Decorative Glass Techniques.

In 2005, Gill began to explore the principles based on Flamework techniques to design and make jewellery.  Her most recent work demonstrates the use of borosilicate glass, constructing 3 dimensional forms to create sculptural designs in jewellery.  There is a fragility and lightness to her work which reflect the elements and textures of nature where natural formations echo in her work.  Gill draws her inspiration from observational studies in natural forms, many of which represent stylized interpretations of pattern and texture.  Gill creates innovative, contemporary and exclusively handmade pieces, her use of colour and form make each piece unique and eminently collectable.